How it works?

Solve the puzzle, find the treasure and get your gift. Accompany Detective Badger on his puzzle adventure and get surprising and intersting information about the city or region. Spontaneously and without preregistration.

The detective trails were created by the City Managers of MyCityHighlight – locals of the respective – cities and regions – and in collaboration with local tourism organizations.

The mystery experience for everyone

We have prepared treasure hunts in various cities across Europe for you. They are discovery tours, or precisely detective-trails through the cities, which can be solved with the help of an app. At the end of the trail, there will be a prize waiting for you which consists of an electronic voucher, which can be used in a nearby store at the end of your quest.

The trails are constructed is such a way that it is going to be a fun experience for both children as well as adults (children starting from the age of 7, are advised to have someone accompany them, starting from the age of 14 this trail should be manageable to do alone). They make a wonderful activity whether the participants are families, couples, individuals or even for corporate events.

How it works

Each treasure quest usually starts at the train station, where the first riddle will already be waiting for you. Then follow the directions. While following the route you will come across various stops with further mysteries to solve, by clues which can be found in that spot.

Solve the puzzle and win your gift

At the end of your journey the detectives will find the virtual treasure. The treasure will be a voucher, which can be used straight after the treasure quest or later on. The voucher will be valid for a shop near the target place.

No pre-registration needed

After the App has been downloaded, the detective-trails can be bought via in-app purchase. The price will be shown in the App. The participation doesn’t require a pre-registration – you can decide for yourself, when you would like to go on your quest to find the hidden treasure.

As a print@home version in the shop

You will find a print version for printing the detective trail in the shop. Here you can choose for how many people you want to buy the treasure hunting.

As App in App-Stores

You will find the detective-trail as an App in App-Stores (iOS and Android) via the search “MyCityHighlight Detektiv-Trails”. Note: For each app download only one person is entitled to get a gift.


You would like your own Detective-Trail?

Do you want to attract additional tourists to your destination and/or offer an additional (paid) experience to existing guests? From EUR 1’600.- we will be happy to create your own puzzle tour. Contact us: