Our Detective-Trails are open
Our Detective-Trails are open. Please respect the following rules.
  • If you should come across other groups, you must keep to the defined minimum distance.
  • It is possible that places where puzzles are placed are closed occasionally and irregularly. Please contact our helpline, which will be happy to help you in this case.
  • Since you do not have to touch anything to complete the trail, protective gloves or similar are NOT necessary. For opening the treasure chest, see the following sentence.
  • For destinations that are either closed or where it’s not possible to implement if the hygiene measures for opening the treasure chest (disinfectants in the shop or at the treasure chest or there is a possibility to wahs the hands) MyCityHighlight AG will forward the prices. After calculating the  solution code, simply send an email with the address and the number of prices to These trails have a special “forwarding symbol”.