Our Detective-Trails are open
Please respect the following rules.
  • If you encounter other groups (adhering to the defined group size according to the FOPH), make sure you keep the defined minimum distance.
  • It is possible that some places, where puzzles are placed, are closed selectively and irregularly. Please contact our Helpline, which will be happy to help you in this case.
  • As you do not have to touch anything to complete the trail, protective gloves or similar are NOT necessary.
  • Opening of the treasure chest: At the destinations the hygiene measures are implemented, i.e. disinfectants in the shop or at the treasure chest or a possibility to wash your hands are available. Some cantons also have an obligation to wear masks in shops and thus to open the treasure chest. Please enquire in advance about the corresponding rule in the canton of your trail.
  • In some cases, the destinations have reduced opening hours until further notice. If this is the case, a small prize will be forwarded by MyCityHighlight AG. After calculating the solution code, simply send an e-mail with your address and the number of prizes to These Detective-Trails are marked with a special “Forwarding symbol”.